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  • @V_ No, that not. But it took my until now to have most things more or less working again 😆

  • @SimonDH 🖖 But why do I have to pretend to be in France or Ireland to watch these shows in Belgium 😭

  • @SimonDH

    🖖 But why do I have to pretend to be in France or Ireland to watch these shows in Belgium 😭

  • @V_

    I like hisbpaintings very much. Never heard of him until recently, when we wandered accidentally in a museum dedicated to him...

  • @tkoola If you like DS9, A Stitch in Time is a good read:
    But you should definitely only read it after you watched the series.

    Most Star Trek books aren't really that good, more of a guilty pleasure for lifelong fans...

  • @V_

    You really should try to organise it again. It was a fantastic experience.

    It was planned five times before but only now the weather permitted us to fly. Well worth the wait

  • @ppel

    bedankt, het was inderdaad geweldig. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden om toch een keer in je leven een ballonvaart te doen.

  • @dominikhoecht

    Did you enter the underwater thing?

  • @jemostrom

    It is a very nice, but small city. Also the countryside around the city is beautiful. If you're into biking this is a biking paradise...

  • @chiawase it is, you could buy a seat and go with the thing under water to watch the sealife. But it was rather expensive for a very short trip...

  • @vincent next monday will be fine

  • @vincent found it - and just enabled it

  • @vincent How do you enable them?

  • @alexink I really liked the episode, except the super power drug thing, that really was unnecessary...

  • @V_ Thank you, I hope that you have a wonderfull Monday (ahead of you)

  • @pcora Goedemorgen, maak er een mooie dag in Amsterdam van

  • @pratik Problem is, they are not really cars, more like scooters with doors. Their max speed is 45km/h so you can't drive everywhere (but I think you're allowed on a bicyclepath) and you don't need a drivers license.

    But cars should be smaller then what they are now...

  • @maique But I like it, it is very good

  • @odd That would be rather weird 😆 But it was really something special, we have never seen a deer so close in the wild and we just gazed a few minutes at each other before they left

  • @prealpinux Thanks

  • @pcora Glad you liked it over here.

  • @pcora Have fun in Antwerp.

    I'm always wondering what a tourist want to see over here...

  • @vincent most people with an android phone (like me) I guess.

    It just works (actually it works really good as a cloud backup), and (or but) it is easy to find old photographs because off Googles creepy face and place recognition... And it tries to sell you printed photo albums the while time. That is really annoying because their prints are not that good.

  • @pcora I was never good in languages - so I think everybody who tries to learn a second, third, fourth,... languages deserve some praise

  • @pcora Jij woont toch in Amsterdam? Dan zul je het wel leren op den duur. Maar ja, iedereen spreekt daar Engels, zelfs tegen mij 🤣 want Belgen verstaan ze daar niet...